Craft Tank - arcade game in minecraft style. Is a fun action style tank battles game against various enemy tanks. Some of enemy tanks make you trouble! A single company has 50 unique levels and many exciting hours in the game!

Many tanks to choose from, each with unique gameplay:

- Battle Tank - medium tank, universal against any enemy tanks, it has medium armor and weapons firepower

- Spy Tank - fast light tank that easy dodges enemy attacks and uses bullets that bounce off walls and destroy covered opponents

- Sniper tank - can quickly destroy weak enemy from a long distance dodging any damage

- Heavy tank - inhibits armor and firepower, it's amazing!

- Tank Devastator - cluster bombs that destroy all on it's path will leave your enemies no chance! Awesome!

Craft Tanks is:

- 5 tanks to choose: battle tank, scout tank, sniper tank, heavy tank and devastator

- single campaign with 50 levels

- beautiful voxel minecraft style setting

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